AUG 31
Posted 6:21pm

Weather Observations at 6:00pm

Weather Observation
Saturday August 31, 2013, 6:00 p.m. EDT, Swim time: 9:00

Meteorologist Lee Chesneau emailed us a weather report and asked for some visual observations.

At position N 2315.6 W 08230.4 on scene weather 065 degrees magnetic at 8kts. Seas 1 foot with 3 second period. Current estimation 100 degrees magnetic at 1 knot. Temperature estimated 86 degrees. Clouds high overcast with broken ceiling cumulous at 1500 feet. Scattered isolated thunderstorms.

Below are photos of the weather at 543pm.

From: Lee Chesneau
Subject: WX Forecast Update
Date: August 31, 2013 5:32:47 PM EDT

Hello Alex,

Meteorologist Lee Chesneau here.

Please pass this to John Bartlett (I cc'd above but am not able to know if he will get this)

Key West radar shows a Thunderstorm (TSTM) complex that developed over mainland western Cuba this afternoon are moving north (offshore). Expect moderate to heavy rain fall and possible lightning strikes. Winds will be briefly gusting up to 35 knots vicinity TSTMS (likely from a southerly direction). When precipitation starts, typically winds will diminish considerably. By sundown the TSTMS should weaken and abate. Pls send visual and text observation updates often as possible. A 24 hour forecast will follow.

Fair Winds


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