SEP 10
Cuba One Year Later
Labor Day was big this year for me and the Xtreme Dream Team. It was a special day for me, for our entire Team. Our Cuba Swim was never a political enterprise. But it was certainly a human statement of connection, our beautiful country to theirs.
My Turn on DWTS
It may have been short-lived, but my experience on DWTS was intense. Every single person I come across, friends and strangers alike, start with their own assumption: "It must have been SO MUCH FUN!!" Actually, fun is not the word for my particular adventure. It was intense.
MAR 21
DWTS: Ego Bruised But Not Broken
The first week Fox Trot for @HenryByalikov and me was filled with pride. I may not bring the stuff of Olympic ice dancers but we worked our butts off and I was thrilled to pull off a proper Fox Trot, something entirely alien to me just one week prior.
MAR 12
St Jude Children's Research Hospital, an American National Treasure
I spoke to the general population of employees there just a few days ago and went for a tour of the facility. I was in tears a number of times, with inspiration, not sadness.

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