"The toughest athlete in the world is a 62 year-old woman."

- D.L. Stewart. Dayton Daily News

The #1 Google search in the world Sept 23-24, 2011: 62-year-old Diana Nyad's valiant attempt to swim the seemingly impossible 103 miles between Cuba and Florida, without a shark cage. 1.3 million Twitter fans followed Diana as she lived out the message of living life large and chasing our dreams, no matter our age. Despite potentially deadly Box Jellyfish stings, Diana courageously continued toward the other shore for 41 long hours, eventually compromised by the physical effects of the stings.

Diana is not one to quit. August 2012, a year later, she again faced the seemingly impossible, this time with a secret weapon: a jellyfish suit, a thin nylon covering that prevents stings. But again, Diana's Xtreme Dream was not to be. She swam 51 hours, 5 minutes, much of the country following her every stroke. Again the jellyfish attacked, striking her repeatedly on the lips, where the nylon suit opens to allow her to breathe. There were life-threatening lightning storms. Large sharks circled below her. The powerful Gulf Stream current literally spun the Teams fleet compasses in circles, shoving Diana on a winding route of nearly 100 miles through the water.

The overwhelming response to Diana's courage, and the professionalism and heart of her 35-member Xtreme Dream Team, has been rousing applause for her daring reach for the stars. Thousands of fans write Diana via Facebook and Twitter and share their own stories of motivation after witnessing Diana's unwavering commitment.

And it is a safe bet that Diana just won't quit on this Dream until she at last walks up onto that Florida shore.

Back in the 1970's, Diana Nyad was the greatest long-distance swimmer in the world. Her world records, such as circling Manhattan Island and crossing the 102.5 miles between the Bahamas and Florida, have led to inductions to many Halls of Fame, such as the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame.

Diana became a prominent sports broadcaster, filing compelling reports for National Public Radio, ABC's Wide World of Sports, Fox Sports, and The New York Times. Diana owns a fitness business, BravaBody.com, with best friend Bonnie Stoll. She has written three books and speaks French and Spanish fluently. Diana has also earned the reputation of a uniquely passionate and entertaining public speaker, earning standing ovations with a broad spectrum of audiences.

Read Diana's latest articles on the Huffington Post What does it take to swim from Cuba to Florida? We were professional athletes back in the day, and now, many years later, we continue to walk the walk of full, rich lives built on the foundation of fitness. Too many women we know are ashamed of their bodies. We intend to lead our generation into the empowerment of feeling strong, free and confident in every aspect of our lives. We are going to get there by embracing fitness as the cornerstone of general well being. We have this one body of ours to work with. We are still vibrant people. Let's make this the prime of our lives together. To view Diana and Bonnie's health video tips and try out sample recipes go to: